Stack Exchange invites you to celebrate the end of a great year …with HATS! As you use your site, you'll discover hats and other items hidden behind certain actions. Collect all of them, some of them, or none of them, but be quick – the hats get put back in their boxes on January 4th!


rep cap

Sock Puppet

answer your own question


post or vote on Dec 5

Ho Ho Ho

post or vote on Christmas

Do the Swim!

5 reviews


5 posts scored 2+

Mr. Binx

10 questions scored 1+

Full House

3 answers scored 5+

Lonesome Cowboy

tumbleweed badge

Hi Ho Silver

silver badge

Mr. Peanut Monopoly McDuck

gold badge

The Milliner

20 hats

Make It Rain

award a bounty


steal a checkmark

Passed Judgement

close or delete question


reopen or undelete question

Peanut Gallery

5 non-meta comments scored 2+

Oh the Horror

guru badge on meta


starred chat on NYD

Winter Is Coming

starred chat on Dec 20

Chatty Chatty

10 chat messages, 2 starred

Florence Nightingale

edit 10 posts

A Link to the Past

edit 90 days old post

Old Hat

early user


revival badge for new post

Hello, World!

very first post, scored 1+


40 votes in a day

Defender of the Realm

5+ helpful flags, ≤20% declined

Conspiracy Theorist

15+ helpful flags, ≤20% declined

Frosty the Snowman

all cast votes on a day are upvotes


all received votes on a day are upvotes

Bounty Hunter

win a bounty

The Stallman

edit a cw post


5 reviews in 5 queues

The Question

500 views in 2 days